Stitch-along Part 5

 Stitching the rocks and the roof tiles

I think the hardest part of making this ornament is manipulating the tiny pieces of felt and these rocks up the side of the cottage are especially small.  Feel free to leave them out if they are making you crazy.  Your cottage will still be lovely.  When cutting out the rocks and laying them out, make sure the front and back match up!  Stitch the rocks in place.  

For the roof tiles, I cut a random assortment of little felt rectangles in black, dark and medium grey.  To attach them, use two strands of black thread and do a small running stitch to hold them in place.  There should be four overlapping rows of roof tiles when you are done.  Trim them to the shape of the roof (don't cut any stitches!) when you are done or as you go.  These steps are shown in the videos.  

When the front and back are complete, hold them together with all the sides even and matched up.  Whipstitch them together, adding in the twine and making sure to stitch through the twine several times.  Try and tuck the stitches under the roof tiles and don't worry about the ones on the top, we'll be covering those up with ridge tiles next time!


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