Stitch Along parts 1 and 2

So here we go, let's do this!  We'll start working on the front of the grey stone cottage.  First cut a front and back from the light grey felt, a white door and find the door frame pattern piece but don't cut it yet, I'm going to show you how I always cut door and window frames.  You'll also want to cut out the little black squares for the widows and hold off on cutting the window frames and sills until you've seen the video showing how I do it.  

To stitch the door, separate two strands of white floss and backstitch the door in place.  I did five rows of stitching to look like planks of wood.  Then take the door frame and using grey floss, stitch over the frame to hold it in place, this is called couching.  


The windows are stitched using the same techniques as the door, please refer to the little demo videos below.  The door and window frames and sills should all overlap the door/window square a tiny bit.  This adds dimension.  Finally, using two strands of black floss work a french knot on the door for a door knob as shown in the video.  

If you are stitching along on Instagram, please share your progress and use the hashtag #fabricandinkmakes so we can all enjoy!  



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