Friday, August 26, 2016

A Rainbow Tree

Seriously, there are not enough hours in each day!  I have been very busy sewing in preparation for my booth at a local quilt show at the end of September.  I didn't think I'd be doing it this year so when I realized I would be, I needed to get stitching!  I've also been working on some custom orders which is always fun, but takes extra time.  

In the midst of all this and nursing my daughter after she got all four wisdom teeth removed and the whole back to school thing, not to mention college applications, I looked in my box of felt scraps the other day and couldn't help myself.......

So many luscious colors!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Camel Pincushion

Some time ago, I was asked by a customer if I could make her a pincushion with a camel on it.  After looking at pictures of camels online, there being no live camels hereabouts(!!), I realized what bizarre looking creatures they are.  And drawing one was hard.  To begin with my camels looked very much like llamas!  I persevered because to make something like this I have to have sketched the animal several times.  These are my last set of sketches. 

My customer requested a full body image of a camel and my process is to draw it till I'm happy with it then make a pattern.  I had to shorten the legs and neck just a little bit to make them fit and even then my drawing overlapped the edges of the 3.5inch circle that represents the size of the pincushion top.  What I do in this situation is just go ahead and finish drawing, go over it in black pen and then reduce the size by photocopying it.  

By stitching over the edge of the felt, I'm trying to make the camel look a bit shaggy.  The feet are my favorite part!

The side band of this pincushion is fuchsia with lots of flowers and leaves because my customer had mentioned how much she liked my happy elephant pincushion.   The camel looked a bit bare so with her approval I added some flowers around his neck - much better!

The extra two camels will be coming with me to the quilt show at the end of September.  I wasn't sure if I was going to do the show again this year but I have decided to.  My shop didn't really go quiet this summer as in previous years so I have been scrambling to keep on top of things and make enough items for my booth!


Friday, August 5, 2016

Text Talk - A Pincushion

In our family, we have a text talk between family members.  Mainly because it's all gobbledygook to me!  Even on the Etsy forum posts people sometimes use text talk expressions and I have to google the unfamiliar ones.  It makes me feel old!  

I recently got a new batch of wool felt in some really yummy candy shades and when I inadvertently put them against this pale grey, this design immediately came to mind, cut out letters and ooh, pretty flowers - yes!

For those whose text talk is a little rusty here is a translation.  "By the way you are my best friend forever" and on the side band there is 'LOL" and I added some really pretty flowers and leaves.  "LOL" can mean "laugh out loud" or in this instance, "lots of love".  

This pincushion is obviously not for everyone but I'm hoping it will appeal to a young sewist or a parent or grandparent needing a gift for a young person.  This was a fun one to work on, something completely new and different.  I usually go for saturated colors so it was a challenge to work with these mainly pastels but the colors are so gorgeous it was easy.  

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Finished "Where are my glasses?" Pincushion

I stuffed and finished these off last night.  I can't look at them without smiling!  This morning I browsed Etsy doing a search for "vintage cat eye glasses" and there were so many fabulous pairs, many brand new and never been worn, just old stock.  I favorited several and am sorely tempted.  

Saturday, July 30, 2016

"Where Are My Glasses?"

Usually when I ask if anyone has seen my reading glasses they are already on my head, in my hand or on a book in front of me!  I was thinking about this the other day and about those really cute cat eye shaped glasses from the 50's and 60's.  Like the ones worn by Sister Bernadette who left the convent to marry the doctor in the "BBC's Call The Midwife".  I love her glasses!  You know the ones I mean, like this example from Etsy.  

I have reading glasses all around the house, these are some of them.  There are more in the drawer of my sewing machine table and in my handbag.  I like wearing them.  I used to have a gorgeous purple pair which did have that cat eye shape but sadly I wore them to death.

Then I got thinking that maybe they would make a fun pincushion so I sketched some glasses and thought about colors.

I have a really hard time photographing reds of any shade.  The felt in this pincushion is really a deep dark red, the photos below are much more accurate.  I chose pink for the glasses because that would be my personal preference, or purple, or maybe red......

I added flowers, embroidered leaves and some french knots to represent the rhinestones (I used some silver thread for pizzazz).

The side band is a really light brown and on it I've embroidered "Where are my glasses?" in a deep red that matches the top.  There are more flowers and french knots too.  

Today I added the bottoms to the pincushions (pink to match the glasses!) and they are ready to stuff.  

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The EMP Museum in Seattle

While in Seattle, we visited the EMP Museum which is a museum dedicated to Pop Culture. I didn't think I would especially like it but agreed to go because my daughter wanted to go.  It was fascinating though and we spent a few very happy hours there.  The highlight for me was the incredible World Of Wearable Art exhibit and movie show.  I've included my favorite "costumes" although costumes is not really the right word. 

The black in this costume is black beading using tiny beads and was inspired by tattoos.

Such beautiful leather work.

On a large screen we watched a show featuring these costumes.  There was amazing lighting, music and of course, the privilege of seeing these costumes being worn as an integral part of that music and special lighting.  Wow!  

We browsed our way through exhibits about music, including tributes to Nirvana and Hendrix and the history of the electric guitar.  Being sic-fi lovers we relished the special Star Trek show and other sic-fi exhibits.  We are fans of fantasy stories too (think Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings and Narnia amongst many others) and there was plenty of fantasy eye candy here too.